Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Customer Statement / Resolution / Authority.

Information you provide to us, as well as in relation to your own transactions with us, might be gathered by us and will, subject to the disclosures identified in this privacy policy, be kept strictly private and will be securely held by us and/or within the companies in the Ferratum Group which has its headquarters located in Finland.

As we may consider warranted from any source, such as the Ferratum Group and credit rating or debt collection agencies for the goals set out in this privacy policy we may get info and make such enquiries about you.

Under the Privacy Act 1993, individuals have rights of access to, and correction of, their personal information. It is possible to do this by emailing us: INFOPAYDAYLOANS.INFO. A fee might be payable.

You acknowledge and understand to us that:

' All info you provide to us, whether provided via web site, SMS or mobile phone is total, correct and true in every regard.

An application to get financing is subject to our lending criteria that are related.

If info you provide to us is false, correct and complete, your application might be declined.

' you're not less than 18 years of age.

You admit that:

' we're gathering information about one to determine whether to provide you with, or continue providing you with, a credit facility or other loan of money. You may not be able to apply for such credit or loan, or access money from us, if all the requested information just isn't supplied. For instance, information relating to identity is a requirement underneath the Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996 and the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 and is required if you wish to finish a trade with us.

' Information collected and held about you (now or in the future) may be utilized from time to time by us and our associated businesses to make available to you any of the full array of financial services offered by us, for credit appraisal and control and debt recovery goals, to file any security interest given to us, for advertising and promotional objectives and generally to do business with you.

Every commercial email message shall include an unsubscribe facility.SMS messages shall not comprise unsubscribe facility however you might be at any given time capable to unsubscribe from all future electronic commercial messages by emailing us to INFOPAYDAYLOANS.INFO. There is no cost involved to the utilization of the unsubscribe facility. Should you receive any additional messages from us, these are most likely caused either by human or technical errors, in such case we request one to contact us as soon as you possibly can and we shall promptly take actions to correct such errors.

    ' We may disclose information about one to credit reporting agencies for the purpose of obtaining credit reports.

    You authorise such things to provide us with the info we may need.

    ' Those credit reporting agencies supply it to their credit reporting services and may retain that info.

' We may disclose your private information (including default info) to such credit reporting agencies. You authorise such things to collect such information for these goals from us.

' We might also make use of the credit reporting agency's observation service to get upgrades, if any, of the information it holds about you.

' In The Event you default in any obligations to us, we may disclose your relevant personal information (including default info) to credit rating or debt collection agencies or some man we may appoint to collect any outstanding debt, and then it might be kept by them. The info may be provided by those agencies to their customers using their credit reference services. You authorise such things to collect such information for these goals from us.